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Kitchen hacks to make life easy in lockdown

All about healthy eating

The nationwide lockdown has turned into an opportune time for some of us to turn towards our kitchen cabinets and ask ourselves- given the food items at hand, are we fueling our bodies with the right nutrition?

All about healthy eating

Being a nutritionist by profession, I cannot just ask you to eat, but will advise you to continue to eat healthy, no matter what the circumstances. While the situation we find ourselves in might seem trying, it is in fact one of the best opportunities to eat smart that can help us stay healthy for the coming days.

​Prepare, prepare

Use this period to prep ingredients that can actually speed up your cooking. Peel garlic, peel ginger, clean your coriander, arrange veggies sensibly in the fridge – put things which go bad first (softer veggies) and the ones that last longer later.

Peel garlic, peel ginger, clean your coriander, arrange veggies sensibly in the fridge

Roast, steam or stir fry veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato, brinjal, cauliflower, carrot, beans could be great picks) and store them in different dabbas so you can toss them into your next salad, pasta, noodles or soup or even serve them as a side with grilled meats.


When you cook, cook enough for at least two meals by giving them a makeover. Eat some, freeze some.

This way you get a break from cooking sometimes and also have fewer dishes to wash by giving them a makeover. For example: Fry vegetables in a little oil, add some spices and leftover rice to turn it into scrumptious fried rice.

Make the Most of the Versatility of Lentils

Lentils can come to your daily rescue once you begin using them creatively. By simply boiling some rajma, channa, choliya and lobiya and storing them, you can be rest assured they will take care of at least one meal daily.

Make the Most of the Versatility of Lentils

Simply mix these with already prepped veggies to put together a scrumptious plate full of nutrition. If you have a little red kidney beans lying around, then you can use them a topping for toast by just adding a little pizza seasoning.

Build your Immunity at Home

There could be no better time than now to build your immunity little by little and a few spices from your shelf is all it will take. Turmeric powder, which has curcumin levels of three percent is a good pick, which is antiviral and a strong cold and flu-fighter.

Turmeric powder

Curcumin is a great source of antioxidants, is, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which wards off infections. Haldi doodh is a great way to strengthen your immunity daily and extremely simple to prepare too. While black pepper is an antioxidant as well as an antibacterial agent, its rich vitamin C is what naturally boosts immunity.

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