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Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchens don’t have to be all white. This kitchen cabinets combines stained and painted cabinetry and the simple door style keeps it simple and stylish. Here, walnut kitchen cabinets, white marble and the modern style of door provide all the elements of a modern kitchen.

Classic Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

Classic kitchens are timeless and flexible. This style comes in neutral color palettes and offers simple, unfussy details. It is a style that almost everyone feels comfortable in and a style defined by white kitchens.

This kitchen cabinet style can feature legs on islands, feet or crown molding and even a paneled hood. Another aspect that characterizes this look is the type of cabinet door – There aren’t a lot of the raised panel doors or flat-panel doors typically seen in modern kitchens.

Modern Shaker Expresso Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

True Shaker cabinetry could appear to be quite plain because of the frame and panel profile. Repetition was key to the Shaker craftsman. Built-in kitchen cabinets and drawers create a clean, orderly look.

The Shaker profile tends to be in the mid-price range as there is no additional molding, but it does require more work.

White Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

Crisp, clean white kitchens with gleaming marble counters and backsplashes are everywhere you look these days. White makes a space look bigger and airier, and will enhance other design elements.

Classic Cherry Raised-Up Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best things about a classic kitchen is that its design is flexible. With a few ornate chars, lighting or wood panels you can change the style to give it a more traditional feel. If you want to go in the other direction, you can add a few modern barstools and incorporate some bright colors to make your kitchen truly unique.

Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

A wider Shaker door style, flat-stock crown and absence of a footed detail to the cabinets turns this kitchen into a much more contemporary space.

The natural beauty of wood lies in its grain, pattern and color, which are in fact its finest assets. Every tree is unique and is affected by its environment, changes in temperature, the whims of Mother Nature and the type of soil in which it grows.  That’s why no two pieces of wood will ever be identical and why the grade classification step is so important. Of course, we love the irregularities and variations but we also want your kitchen cabinets to be as homogeneous as possible.