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A Taste of Spring – Gorgeous Green Kitchens

Eating and the preparation of food is everyday routine. The places we are dinning can be very nurturing and uplifting about a nature inspired green color kitchen.

Green kitchens remind us of the great outdoors, taking us on an refreshing adventure even when we’re fastened indoors. These designs show different ways to achieve this look via kitchen cabinets and shades of kitchen paint. Whether it’s bright lime, cool mint, olive or sage you prefer, this collection has something to suit all green decor desires.

Outdoor Feel

This kitchen theme is like a Springtime nature walk, where dappled sunlight sparkles over dew drop bejewelled grass. White kitchen cabinets against green walls help a scheme look crisp and airy. Light wood grain adds to the fresh outdoors feel.

Open Kitchen Shelving

A darker wood tone underlines this white and lime green kitchen. The highly saturated lime shade is used on only a small soffit and behind open kitchen shelving so that the hue doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Minimalist Kitchen

This minimalist kitchen is a good example of how a tiny area of red can achieve high contrast with olive green kitchen walls.

Bold Scheme with Simple Hanging Lights

Keep pendant lights simple so as not to overcomplicate a bold scheme. This green bar and backsplash stand out against honey coloured wood. On the front of the central island, a couple of darker green painted cabinets match the extractor fan unit behind.

Glossy Modern Lime Kitchen

Lime green décor suits a glossy modern kitchen, where spotlights can play over high colour surfaces.

Rustic Contemporary Kitchen

Wooden wall décor adds an earthy rustic side to an otherwise clean and contemporary composition.

Darker Notes VS Bright Ones

Darker notes give bright schemes more weight and depth, like the black countertop and breakfast bar that cuts across these light kitchen cabinets.

Vibrant All Lime

You can quite easily add a splash of colour to an existing kitchen installation by adding a bright new backsplash. A pendant light in a matching shade would work wonders in uniting an attached dining space too.

An Entire Green Wall

Consider expanding your tiled area to create an entire feature wall from floor to ceiling, like this tiled backsplash wall.

Special Mint Green

Paint your dining table to match your décor. This open plan space sees mint green wall paint spill out into the hallway décor too.

Grey and Green

Grey and green kitchen cabinet combinations make for a sophisticated scheme.

Lime kitchen with free wall art

Lime green kitchen decorations can come in the form of zany wallpaper and typographical wall art.

Play Quirky  with a Garden Hammock 

Looking for something a bit quirky? The link with the great outdoors is taken one step further here, with the introduction of a garden hammock in the kitchen!

Highlighted Lights

These kitchen pendant lights look plump and ready for the chopping board.

Simple Green Blinds

Blinds are the main play here. Another simple fruit bowl adds an effortless accent to this blue and green kitchen.

Big Green Curtains

Again green window treatment hogs the limelight in this kitchen. Indoor plants greenly feather the edges of monochrome modern units, like these crisp white cabinets beneath a black linear suspension light.

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To get a FREE 3D design and estimation for your new kitchen project, click here! TEL: 514-400-8966 (Montreal)