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Reasons Staying At Home
Is Always Better Than Going Out

Why is it that going out seems to be the only acceptable option when the weekend rolls around? Why can’t staying at home be more socially acceptable? Some people understand the benefits of staying at home, and others simply do not.

Stay home and feel carefree!

We all have that one friend who puts the pressure on us to go out whenever we have free time. They just don’t get how staying at home could possibly be better than going out. Of course, going out can be fun sometimes, but like everything else in life, there needs to be a balance.

It’s always better to be yourself anyways than to follow the crowd.

You can’t go out all the time! Sometimes staying in is the best option. Here are great reasons you can use to prove to your friends why you should stay home this weekend.

  • 1. You Can Be 100% Yourself

  • 2. Staying at Home is Free

  • 3. Stay at Home Can Save Your Energy

  • 4. Avoid Wasting Time

  • 5. You Can “Stick It” to Mainstream Media

  • 6. Avoid Meaningless Conversations

  • 7. You Don’t Have To Worry About Anyone Else

  • 8. You Have More Choices

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