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Uplifting Modern Coastal Style Kitchen

Coastal kitchens create just the vibe you need to relax and entertain effortlessly. Coastal-style kitchens really come into their own as the warmer weather hits and we spend more time outdoors and in the water.

Experience the coastal living feel every day

Coastal kitchen designs can either be beachy and casual or elegant and contemporary but either way they send an invitation to slow down and embrace our relaxed summer lifestyle.

Coastal kitchens are all about using bright, airy designs and color schemes to create a serene space for family and friends to gather.

A kitchen by the beachside

The lure of the water is intoxicating. Who doesn’t love an endless summer with sand squished between the toes, making castles with the kids, and diving into refreshing waves?

Evoke the relaxing atmosphere of the beach

KSI Cabinetry helps locals embrace the sun-kissed beachy lifestyle with the perfect coastal kitchen design. Inspired by the natural colours, materials and textures of the sea, beach house kitchens are typically light, bright and airy.

A quintessential space for relaxing with friends over an ice-cold drink and sharing stories over a crisp summer salad, the nautical style kitchen is contemporary and fresh. Is it time for your outdated coastal kitchen to get a facelift?

Creating the perfect coastal kitchen design

Breezy. Modern. Uplifting. The coastal kitchen is specially designed to keep the festive spirit alive after returning from a day out at the beach. Complementing the sun, sand and sea vibe, this style of kitchen boasts an impressive number of features.

From soothing light colours in soft hues to beach-themed backsplashes, you’ll feel like you’re permanently on vacation. You’ll find coastal living kitchen ideas also include marine-themed accessories such as driftwood, seashells and rope lights.

Choosing off-white or light wood shades to create more of a coastal cottage feel

It’s the attention to little details that matter, lending this type of kitchen the ‘stylishly casual’ feel it’s become so popular for. Sleek hardwood or laminate floors and coastal kitchen cabinets with clean finishes complete the picture.The main trick is to stay away from saturated colors that can make the space feel darker.

Mastering the sophisticated yet casual mood of the sea-inspired kitchen, our company will make the process seem effortless from start to finish. With our team of skilled, reliable professionals by your side, we’ll help your creative vision spring to life while offering a range of solutions and recommendations.

Coastal kitchens are just made to be open and inviting

Bringing more than 10 years’ experience to our projects, We have stayed true to its original commitment to supply high quality, custom cabinetry to the region. Our innovative coastal living kitchen ideas and coastal kitchen cabinets will surprise and delight you while exceeding your every expectation.

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