Stunning Scandinavian Style Kitchens

Scandinavian style kitchens have been a popular look for a number of years. It’s easy to see why; with their clean lines, spacious feel and combination of natural textures, the ‘Scandi’ look adds an airy yet homely feel to any kitchen.

Taking inspiration from nature, Scandinavian style kitchens often use mixtures of soft, light whites and greys combined with natural textures such as wood and stone to create a clean and contemporary look.

Classic Scandi
The combination of soft white and wooden textured cabinets is considered a classic in Scandinavian style. This look showcases the harmony between nature and modern living.

Rough and Ready
Mixing rough sawn timber with rustic stone flooring and concrete-looking countertops helps to create a textured environment. Pairing with a clean and open design balances the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

Outdoors In
Allowing lots of natural light into a room can help to join indoor and outdoor spaces. Keeping plants on the worktop brings even more nature into the room.

Less is More
This mid-century nordic style kitchen combines the rich dark wooden textured cabinets with soft light grey walls to create a clean but contrasting look. Notice the pop of brass added by the tap, adding flair to the otherwise clean lines.

Concrete Jungle
This combination of concrete and light wooden looking slab cabinet doors creates a raw texture in the kitchen. The clean, handleless design is given a splash of colour with the turquoise elements throughout the kitchen. A perfect blend of texture, colour and clean lines.

A Simple Home
This simple run of cabinets utilises the contrast between the natural warm wood and the cool clean countertops to create a striking yet airy feel. The addition of personal effects on and in the open shelving helps to add some hygge.

Clean and Clear
This kitchen demonstrates another Scandinavian design principle: minimalism. By keeping clutter to a minimum and only displaying choice objects, the space is enhanced. This beautiful handleless kitchen is perfectly simple, with all-white cabinetry and worktops. Soothing contrast is added through the warmth and texture of the floor.

Soft and Simple
Marble-effect worktops, modern cabinets, and simple design make this kitchen classic and effortless. Funky lighting gives the option to add personality and flair that can easily be changed to suit new tastes.

Industrial Minimalist
Using raw and rugged materials with an open and industrial feel, this kitchen combines texture and light to create a more industrial Scandinavian style kitchen.

Hidden Away
This kitchen demonstrates simplicity at its finest. The tall run of cabinets blends into the room while keeping groceries and small appliances hidden away. The mix of texture from the concrete floor and wooden island help to introduce elements of nature into the kitchen.

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A Little Sunshine
Think yellow is a thing of the past? Think again. This sunny kitchen keeps things balanced through its simple design, meaning the yellow is uplifting, not overpowering.

Warm and Woody
Simple design means you can add contrasting elements without feeling lost. The wooden cabinets, flooring and bar stools all add warm wood tones to an otherwise crisp kitchen.

Scandinavian Serenity
Clean lines, matching wood accents, and warm colours make this kitchen a haven for your home. Keep your space, and your mind, calm with tall cabinets, perfect for hiding non-essentials.

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In the Details
The wallpaper and colourful trinkets prove that it’s not just the devil that’s in the details. Perfectly balanced and lots of fun, this is a great way to balance style and lifestyle.

Nordic Luxury
Dark wood elements give this kitchen a sense of luxury and richness. Contrasting this with light coloured bar stools keeps the kitchen fresh.

Scandinavian style is the perfect balance of classic and modern. Blending effortless style with clean lines and elements of hygge, it’s a style with staying power – and it’s not hard to see why. Considering a Scandi kitchen? You’re in for a treat!

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