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Small kitchen storage solutions: cabinets,shelving & accessories

Kitchens come in all different sizes and countless, custom layouts, and not every home has access to an expansive, top-of-the-line, open-layout kitchen. However, just because your kitchen is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean that you need to be left dealing with the frustration of lack of storage!

As one of the most important features of any functional kitchen, storage space is essential for keeping the heart of your family’s home organized, tidy, and usable.

When gutting the room and adding brand-new custom cabinets isn’t an option and you’re running out of ideas on how to increase the storage in your small kitchen, all you need to do is to think outside of the box by enhancing and working with the features that are already in the space.


Kitchen cabinets are a staple feature in kitchens both large and small, and knowing how to get the most storage possible out of each cabinet is the key to transforming your tiny kitchen. While there are options available for custom-built cabinets that can be added to awkward or small spaces in a kitchen, there are a few cost-effective additions to consider first before putting forth the money to get a complete cabinet overhaul.

When you want to increase storage in your cabinets without replacing the ones that you already have, you can do this by adding:

Pull-Out Drawers: If your small kitchen has deep cabinets, you probably aren’t getting the functionality that you need out of them. Deep cabinets are difficult to access and a major challenge to keep organized, and pull-out cabinet drawers can change this for the better. In a single cabinet, you can add multiple pull-out drawers depending on your storage needs that make it effortless to get to the tools, ingredients, and appliances needed in your daily life.

Corner Cabinets: Avoiding dead space in a kitchen layout is always a priority, but this is even truer in a small kitchen. Corner cabinets are an excellent solution when you have the budget for a more intensive upgrade to the space, and they are available in several different configurations to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen storage. One of the most popular options is a Lazy Susan, which gives you easy access to the far reaches of the cabinet and allows for greater storage capacity.

Drawer Organizers: It may seem simple, but drawer organizers can make a big impact in the functionality of a small kitchen! All too often, we end up throwing utensils and kitchen tools haphazardly into drawers just to get them out of the way, but this ends up costing you on valuable storage space. With drawer organizers, all of your kitchen gadgets have a place, and you can get more out of the interior drawer space that you are working with.

Under-Cabinet Rails: The space directly under kitchen cabinets is generally left unused, but it is prime real estate for adding more storage to your small kitchen! Consider adding under-cabinet rails that give you the perfect place for hanging pots and pans or placing hanging baskets that keep common kitchen clutter off of your limited countertop surfaces.


In a typical small kitchen, wall space for cabinetry is at a premium, and shelving can be an economical and stylish way to add more storage without creating a closed-in feel to the room. There are several different types of shelving options that provide adequate storage and a unique aesthetic feature, and you can consider utilizing:

Open Shelving: Whether you want to eliminate some of your cabinets all together or you want to take advantage of the overhead space between your kitchen and living area, open shelving has become one of the most popular, modern storage options. With open shelving, your small kitchen remains airy and bright, and you can enjoy displaying cookware and decorative items in an out-of-the-way place.

Bulkheads: Most kitchens have a bulkhead, but have you ever considered using it to increase the storage in the room? Depending on the exact layout and construction of your bulkhead, it may be possible to open up sections within the structure to create interior shelving space. This not only gives your kitchen an innovative and creative appearance, but it makes an unused area of the room incredibly useful for storage of items that you rarely need to use.

Shelving Organizers: Once you have shelving in your kitchen, you still need to consider the organization of the shelves to get the most storage capacity out of them just like with kitchen cabinetry. Short tension rods are excellent for creating pan and cutting board dividers between shelves or for providing a space to hang small pots and pans. Simple solutions, like office file organizers, can also help to keep your shelving in beautiful, functional condition.


Shelving and cabinets are the main features that most homeowners think of when it comes to maximizing the storage in a small kitchen, but there are other ways to get multi-purpose storage in a less-than-expansive space! While the smallest home kitchens may not have room for all of these options, with a little bit of remodeling and reorganization, you can create a highly functional room that looks great and is enjoyable to be in.

For small- to moderate-sized kitchens, these features are a great choice for increasing storage capacity:

Roll-Away Islands: Don’t have room for a permanent kitchen island but miss the convenience of the added storage and workspace? Roll-away islands are an ideal solution! With the same general purpose of a traditional island, these movable features can be easily tucked away into a corner of the kitchen or adjacent room when not in use?giving you the functionality you need without giving up floor space.

Multi-Function Workstations: When you have a small kitchen, you need to focus on getting multiple uses out of each major feature of the room. Multi-function workstations provide space for kids to do homework, prepping of food, and interior storage cabinets. If you create a bar-height workstation, it can also be the perfect place for friends and family to sit and converse while you are making a home-cooked meal!

Storage Accessories: Not all kitchen features need to take up a great deal of space! There are several accessories available on the market, and many that can be made with minimal investment, that can increase the storage space in your small kitchen. Magnetic knife strips and pegboards are two examples of easy-to-install features that are both cost-effective and extremely functional for freeing up counter and cabinet space in the kitchen.

Although many homeowners dream of the luxury of having a huge, open-space kitchen in their homes, there is still incredible potential to be found in a small household kitchen! Whether you live in an apartment or a quaint family home, it only takes some ingenuity and a creative eye to turn your cluttered, inefficient space into a room that stands out for its functional and stylish performance.

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