Smart idea for tiny breakfast zone in a small kitchen

In small kitchens, every inch matters. While most people view wall-mounted cabinets, sleek open shelves and mobile islands as the perfect way to maximize space, there are still plenty of other options that bring style in a minimalist fashion.

One such smart idea is the tiny breakfast zone in the small kitchen. No need for an additional dining room in apartments built for a couple. Even if you have an additional guest, these modest dining areas can accommodate them with ease.By putting just a round table with twin chairs, the corer breakfast zone is an idea for every s mall kitchen.

  • Tiny kitchen in white with pops of green and small breakfast zone

  • Turning the corner of the kitchen into a lovely breakfast zone

  • Accent stone wall and space-savvy design

  • Breezy beach style sets the tone

  • Folding table coupled with twin chairs inside

  • Monochromatic kitchen with colorful chairs

  • Small island serves also as breakfast zone

  • Stylish contemporary kitchen

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