Warm and Elegant Raise Panel Cabinets

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Raised panel cabinets create a warm elegant look to any kitchen, old or new. Whether complementing the architecture in an older home or creating a traditional feel in a newer kitchen, this style can do both. A door panel with edges routed to float in the frame define a raised-panel design. The varied depth enhances the lines of the cabinetry with light and shadow. In KSI Signature line cabinets with a stained wood finish, appearance of the wood grain varies from flat or stepped to curved surfaces for a subtle, rich effect. Each door panel becomes, in effect, a display piece.

Light Toned Cabinets

Doors and drawer fronts in KSI cabinets pictured above feature stepped profile edges on the inside and outside of the frames. The stiles and rails are slightly wider than average, and the raised panel features an angular route and step. The cabinets are finished with double crown molding in a similarly angular, stepped style. Finally, the window becomes a part of the cabinetry with complementary maple trim.

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Dark Toned Cabinets

The custom island above is built from KSI cabinets. Notice the beautiful variation in appearance of the solid hardwood door panels between the scalloped panel edges and flat surfaces. Graceful waterfall door frame edges, inside and out, provide another opportunity for the Wood  to show off. The island, contrasting in both style and color with white Shaker perimeter cabinets and trimmed with ogee molding at the toekick, becomes a furniture showpiece, a seamless transition to the living area.