Minimalist Kitchens That full of personality

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Minimalism is the ideal design trend for the kitchen, where cleanliness, organization, and functionality are the holy trinity. It allows for clear, clutter-free surfaces and sleek and stylish materials—what more could you ask for? And minimalism definitely doesn’t have to look unfinished or boring. With the right approach, minimalist kitchens will still be full of personality and style. Case in point? The fifteen designer-approved minimalist kitchens ahead. Keep clicking for pared-down perfection.

Experiment and Mix Trends

Though minimalist in style, there’s also a decidedly farmhouse-chic vibe going on in this kitchen. The brick got a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it all up and align with the rest of the surfaces and the geometric pendant asserts some modern flair.

  • Modern Kitchen

Honor the Architectural Roots

To preserve as much as possible, the designer opted for a trio of Serge Mouille pendants and simple backless stools from West Elm. Oh, and one of the best things about minimalist kitchens is that your flowers can really pop.

Combine Offbeat Neutrals

Instead of the go-to all-white color schemes we associate with minimalist, opt for a mix of cream and light gray, as done in this this kitchen. The off-white walls pair beautifully with cool gray cabinets, as their contrasting tones balance each other. Though there’s minimal ornamentation, the beauty of the materials and shapes ensure an understated, unique elegance.

  • Modern Kitchen

Take a Risk
Rather than only introducing color through accents like dishes and cookware, pick a statement piece, and don’t be afraid to be bold. Here, the designer chose a soft, deep blue hue for the kitchen island base. It’s bold, but still minimalist.

  • Modern Kitchen

Keep It Classic

You can get in on minimalism while also sticking to the classics. Take note of this deVol kitchen, for instance. The bronze pendants pair nicely with the kitchen bar stools tucked under the island while also contrasting with the cream trim and glossy white subway tiles.

  • Modern Kitchen

Keep The Walls Clear

The exposed brick and piping in this industrial space allow for an edgy, gritty backdrop while the streamlined island and cabinets tighten up the space. For a super clean, sleek look, ditch overhead cabinets and floating shelves.

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  • Modern Kitchen

Focus On Materials

Some minimalists may feel that this kitchen is actually more of maximalist, but it really just depends on your perspective. With an emphasis on beautiful materials, from the deep purple marble statement wall to the sleek silvery surfaces, everything is spotless, pristine, and ultra-sleek.

  • Modern Kitchen

Add One Pop of Color

When in doubt, stick to an all-white color scheme. This design trend never gets old (especially in the kitchen.) Add some pops of color with cookware and decor. Against an all-white backdrop, the red accent pieces in this kitchen appear to float in mid air.

  • Modern Kitchen

Keep It Simple

We’re really digging the alternating black and gray stained wood cabinets in this kitchen. The varied tones and textures add interest to a neutral space. The sandy beige walls keep things neutral but warm things up a little more than a crisp white or super light gray. The shearling chair adds coziness, and the interior window creates flow and lets light in.

  • Modern Kitchen

Blend Modern and Rustic

In this kitchen, the concrete-effect surfaces, linear floating shelves, and camouflaged hardware help modernize the more farmhouse-chic elements of the space, like the shiplap ceilings and artwork.

Add Some Greenery
Greenery will instantly enliven a minimalist kitchen, so why not start a mini plant collection in the kitchen? In this kitchen, the glass cabinets add interest without making it feel cluttered. You can exercise your green thumb and enhance the room.

  • Modern Kitchen

Go Scandinavian
For a Scandinavian minimalist look, use black materials for all the surfaces in your kitchen. The result will be sleek and tasteful (not to mention, sticking to a single hue makes the actual design process easier.)