9 Foods That Can Make

Your Weight Losing Work Faster

By improving your eating habits you can dramatically improve your health. There are some certain products that help your body restore power and energy, build bones, protect the heart and prevent various diseases. More than that, some super foods can help you look perfect and lose weight much faster.

1. Eggs

In the past some used to believe that eggs should be excluded from the menu of every dieter. Nowadays this point of view is no longer valid: people know that eggs help lose fat. Start your day with an egg rather than a bagel and enjoy a slimmer figure. This nutritious food is said to have lots of cholesterol. The truth is that people who eat foods rich in starch and carbs have higher levels of bad cholesterol than those who opt for eggs.

2. Dark chocolate

Chocolate comes in a wide variety of types. The best chocolate is dark. This tasty treat should be consumed in small quantities since it is high in calories. The good news is that dark chocolate is digested slowly which makes you feel satisfied for longer and you eat fewer calories during your next meal. Additionally, dark chocolate is rich in healthy fats. They boost your metabolism and burn calories as well as fat. After eating a nibble of dark chocolate you do not suffer from cravings for fatty, sweet or salty snacks.

3. Coffee

A study from the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham found that drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate ‘brown fat’, which burns calories to generate body heat.

Experts say people with a lower body mass index (BMI) tend to have a higher amount of brown fat, which is a different type of fat to ‘white fat’ – that one’s caused by consuming excess calories.

4. Oranges

This bright fruit is low in calories but high in fiber. Oranges are ranked among fruits high in vitamins in minerals. This food is affordable, delicious and fills your stomach better than any other low-calorie snack.

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5. Potatoes

Potatoes have a very high GI. They are high in carbs and starch. These are the main two reasons why dieters avoid this veggie. However, this vegetable is almost four times as satiable as a slice of white bread and the starch found in it is resistant.

6. Cheese

Opt for feta if your goal is to get in better shape. You can try fresh goat cheese if the product is labeled ‘grass-fed’. Cheese that has this note has the highest percentage of healthy fat.

7. Low-fat milk

Milk is another dairy product full of fatty acids. It’s rich in protein and calcium. This combination is great for people who watch their diet and try to maintain healthy weight or lose pounds. Between 1,000 and 1,400 mg of calcium is enough to help your body burn extra calories and fat.

8. Hot peppers

Spices make your food more delicious and fragrant. They add some extra flavor to fish, meat and salads. The most popular spice is the hot pepper. This spice is famous for capsaicin. This element heats up your body and insides which speeds up the fat burning process. Red peppers can be eaten powdered, dried, cooked or raw.

9. Quinoa

Include some quinoa in your menu. It is a whole grain food containing plenty of protein. It is not too high in calories and you need a small amount of this food to keep you full and prevent overeating.

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