Creative Wine Rack Ideas

Think you don’t have room for a closet wine cellar or home wine storage? Think again. Enjoy your wine tasting trips with friends and go ahead, buy that extra case of wine and bring it home with you. You can store them literally anywhere. Here are some ideas on where to build a wine rack or wine cellar in your home.

Sneak in a slim wine rack
What a brilliant use of space that might have been wasted.

Kitchen Island With Winerack
If you don’t have your own wine cellar, then I kitchen island with a wine rack is a great second option. You are going to use the kitchen island for plenty of things already and now that functional space has the ability to store wine as well. Perfect of the bottles do not have to be kept in the dark or chilled. Take a look in this collection for more details. Measure carefully and you can get dozens of  bottles safely stored in that kitchen wine rack spot.

Remove Some Cabinets
Why would you want to waste space in your cabinets for storing china? We think wine bottles in a kitchen cabinet wine rack are a must! Carefully take out a kitchen cabinet, add some mosaic backsplash, and paint your wood wine racks a complimenting color and you have a gorgeous built in kitchen wine cabinet ready for your wine. A perfect DIY wine cabinet.

Wine and reading go together
Wine and reading go together so well, don’t they? We think so! So does this person who added a glass rack and wine storage into their bookcase. Looking classy!

Wet Bar
Give your old 80’s wet bar a makeover and outfit it with some wine racks.

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Under Stairs Wine Rack
Sometimes the best space is the wasted space under your stairs. Start investigating how you can easily snag some space. Many under stairs wine rack ideas are created using waterfall wine racks to march down and take every last bit of home wine storage they can.

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