A Minimalist Kitchen Goes MidCentury Modern

Less is definitely more in this open-plan space, where hardware and appliances take a back seat to smooth cabinetry, open shelving and a sculptural, statement-making chandelier.

A Classic Backsplash and Sleek Cabinets
This seamless kitchen boasts a classic ceramic backsplash and integrated appliances. No visible hardware is used on the cabinets, which have clean, sleek, sophisticated lines.

A Minimalist Kitchen Goes MidCentury Modern
Minimalist living gets an update in this Southern California home. The kitchen becomes a showpiece, thanks to a unique, mid-century modern chandelier and new appliances and hardware.

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Living
This home blends indoor and outdoor living and dining for a SoCal coastal lifestyle. Clean, sophisticated lines, neutral colors and large windows and doors make the transition feel effortless.

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Outdoor Eating Area
Homeowners and their guests move easily from the kitchen in this Southern California residence to an outdoor eating area. The wood used in the backyard table echoes the interior flooring, and the outdoor chairs have simple, clean lines to match the home’s minimalist decor.

Glass-Fronted Cabinets and Creative Details
An impeccably designed kitchen becomes stunning with the addition of creative details, such as a unique chandelier, modern artwork and glass-fronted cabinets. In the living area, frameless windows and doors let in natural light.

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Space for Dining and Entertaining
A contemporary, starburst-shaped chandelier brightens a sophisticated space used for dining and entertaining. The gray and white colors are echoed in the cabinets, door trim, the bar countertop and tabletop, as well as in the living area down the hall.(Photo By:Kristianne Watts)

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Calacatta Quartz Backsplash and Countertops

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Designer’s Brilliant Kitchen Organization Tips

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