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Rustic Kitchen and Dining Room With Dramatic Woodwork

Natural elements take a bold turn in this high-contrast, lodge-inspired space. A long dining table and cowhide covered bench crowned with a woven fiber chandelier gives way to dark, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, a marble island and bar with an inset cooktop and large iron windows.

Dining Area and an Open Plan Kitchen
Rustic living space features an open concept kitchen and an in-kitchen dining room. Wood cabinets line the walls, creating a warm, country-looking space. A wood dining table is decorated with seasonal accents and sits below a woven chandelier. A neutral, woven rug grounds the entire room.

Stoneware Vases Filled With Decorative Branches Sit Atop a Wood Dining Table
A woven chandelier hangs above a dining table in a rustic kitchen. Stoneware vases, filled with colorful branches, create a seasonal tablescape on a wood dining table. Behind the table hangs a wood wine cabinet that features glass doors that showcase the bar essentials housed inside.

A Large Island, Wood Cabinetry and Brass Pendants
A rustic kitchen is brought to life with warm wood cabinets that house a variety of dinnerware and decorative accents. Brass pendants hang above a large island that features marble countertops and an inset cooktop. Leather and wood barstools sit against the island providing an in-kitchen dining area. A large window brings ample light into the space.

A Marble-Topped Kitchen Island, Wood Cabinets and Brass Pendants
Floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets accent and open concept kitchen, creating a warm, rustic vibe. Brass pendants hang over a marble-topped island that sits in the center of the space. A large, iron window lets ample light into the kitchen and brings the views of the outdoors in.

A Marble-Toped Island Features Stoneware Vases That Houses Colorful Branches
Glass-fronted doors showcase the unique dinnerware that is housed within floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets. Two stoneware vases, that hold colorful branches, sits on a marble-topped kitchen island. A brass pendant hangs above the kitchen island ensuring that there’s ample lighting on the workspace.

Wood Cabinetry Lines the Back of a Rustic Kitchen That Features a Large Marble-Topped Island
Wood cabinetry lines the back wall in a warm, country-style kitchen. A large iron window lets ample light into the kitchen, ensuring that the dark wood cabinets don’t overwhelm the space. Rustic accents create a unique vignette on the marble countertops at the back of the kitchen. An animal skull adorns the upper cabinet, adding to the overall rustic feel of the space. (Photos By: Vernich)

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