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Recipe for ‘magic self-isolation cake’

which requires no dairy, eggs

In this strange time of working from home and self-isolation, one thing I’ve been missing is hitting up the local cafe for a little afternoon treat when the 3pm slump hits.

But one UK food blogger is here to help, sharing her recipe for her ‘Magic Water Cake’ which requires no perishable ingredients like butter, eggs or milk – instead a set of six pantry staples you probably have in your kitchen

“If you’re stuck at home and supermarkets are empty, at least you can make cake!” writes Andrea Soranidis, also known as The Petite Cook, on her website.

The cake only requires six ingredients: pantry staples you probably have at home. Photo credit: The Petite Cook.

Soranidis says that “difficult times call for creative measures”, including switching up the way we bake.
“Local supermarkets have been experiencing a shortage of dairy and eggs lately, so I’m trying to use milk, butter and eggs as wisely as possible.”

Instead Sorandidis’ simple water cake is made using flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, olive oil, water and sugar. You can add in a little optional cocoa powder to make it chocolate.

“That’s it!” writes the baking blogger. “This accidentally vegan cake is pure magic and incredibly easy to make even if you’re just a novice baker.”

Enjoy more time in your kitchen and spare more time with family

Soranidis shares the full recipe on her website, but says it’s so easy she could make it with her eyes closed.
“This easy vegan cake would keep well in the fridge for up to five days,” she adds, which of course means if you’re working from home, you could have a little afternoon tea pick-me-up every day.

Soranidis has many other easy recipes on her site, including this one for an indulgent two-ingredient Nutella cake.

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