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Need help social distancing yourself from your refrigerator?

If you’re one of many people suddenly sheltering at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have discovered new ways to communicate with coworkers or entertain your children.

You also might have discovered how convenient the refrigerator has become.

There’s little doubt that being at home 24/7 presents an opportunity to overeat, especially now that many of us have overstocked our pantries and freezers. Coupled with the fact that gyms are closed in most areas, many of us will find it challenging to stay in shape when we’re at home most of the day.

Food can be a comfort and it’s easy to overeat when spending so much time at home, especially if you like to cook in order to pass the time.

It is going to make us all fatter. Let’s look at some ways you can manage your stress, exercise your body and eat properly when you’re at home.

  • PRACTICE MINDFUL EATING: Eat slowly while sitting at a table, noticing the present with your five senses, with no distractions (particularly no TV or computer) other than conversation with dining companions.
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