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Coastal Kitchens with Total Farmhouse Vibes

Whether you live near the beach or just wish that you did, you can bring the feel of coastal living into your home with the coastal farmhouse design. Your home should be a sanctuary of warmth, comfort and serenity, and this popular style can give you that and more. The look is simple to achieve by using a palate of coastal colors and some creative design elements. You can easily transform your home into this style with a few elegant pieces.

The coastal farmhouse style is an exciting blend of two current home decor trends: farmhouse and coastal. The farmhouse style mixes elements of the old and new, using wood, metal and distressing to give your home a clean, traditional look.

The coastal style brings elements of the seaside into your home and creates a mood of peace and tranquility. These two styles together are perfect to bring a fresh, calm atmosphere to any home.

  • Modern Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen

The design pieces below can help you easily achieve this style in a big way with minimal effort. Just sprinkle a few of these elements throughout your home and enjoy the beach life all year long.

This living room effortlessly brings in elements of the coastal farmhouse style. The gorgeous coffee table uses wood and metal, a common blend of the farmhouse style, while the lighting fixture utilizes a more coastal style of wood. The aqua details on the chairs, pillows and jars give the room a cool, airy feel.

  • Cottage Kitchen

If you want to bring the beach to your farmhouse kitchen table, you can create a beautiful table spread featuring coastal details. Beachwood, sea glass, rope balls and woven fabrics all come together to create a lovely beach design for your table. You can round out the look with even more beach decor like starfish. Your guests will marvel at your beautiful table.

This coastal kitchen has total farmhouse vibes

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