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Cool Modern Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design has some very cool lineups in their stables. Whether your home simply doesn’t allow for a large kitchen space, or you like to have your kitchen organized so you can easily access whatever you may need, these modern spaces provide solutions to common kitchen shortfalls.

Some designs have a majority of kitchen pieces exposed while other designs provides a completely hidden space with recessed doors making the space universal and yes, some of these rooms are unrealistically large for a kitchen. From a materials standpoint, most are earthy woods and stones, with the modern touches of stainless steel. Each kitchen design is distinctive and the company says these spaces are easily customizable.

These kitchens have a linear range wall basically keeping the entire kitchen on one side of the room. It makes space for a good sized dining area. The glass walls provide separation without taking away the feel of a large, open space.

These stainless steel kitchen counters are stylish yet very easy to clean and maintain, making it a very desirable kitchen fixture.

The linear kitchen cabinetry comes to an end but the concept continues with this recessed wall with a custom fit desk inside. The white matches the cabinetry.

At first glance this appears to be simply a dining space, but the recessed doors hold much more.

The fully functional kitchen is revealed when all the recessed doors are open, and now the space can be used as both a dining and preparation space.

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